Utilization, Availability, and Disparity Research

Borrowing from the best practices of neighbors in Silicon Valley, PATTERN uses predictive analytics, machine learning, and natural language processing to study your structured and unstructured procurement and contracting data. With PATTERN as your strategic business partner, you will have the insights that you need to take public contracting practices from what it has been to what it can be. We believe that the government should set the standard, not lag behind it. And PATTERN will give your decision makers the power to do just that.

Croson (Disparity) Studies


Public agencies, as a social good and regulatory mandate, can implement strategies to ensure that minority- and women-owned businesses have equal access to public contracts. They do this through various business inclusion initiatives including prime contract and subcontract goals, mentor programs, and business development strategies. PATTERN brings a holistic and integrated approach to regulatory compliance assessments helping agencies achieve true excellence and inclusion. 

Supplier Diversity 


Leading public and private enterprises leverage data and insights to improve performance, drive outcomes, and influence culture. Data are essential to creating a holistic view of constituents, customers, vendors, and suppliers.  P360™ offers comprehensive commercial data on small, local, minority, woman, and LGBT-owned businesses -- the businesses that sustain local economies and elevate our communities.

Data collection can be complicated but with P360™, it doesn’t have to be. P360™ helps public and private enterprises strategize for success with the right data at the right time. 

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